Guild Honor Code:

Above all be NICE!  I do not tolerate rude behavior and if it is brought to our attention that you are not living up to the code, then you will be dismissed.

I will not tolerate racist, hateful, or discriminatory remarks in the guild chat.

Stealing, scamming, or hacking will NOT be tolerated.

Treat others with respect, and respect will be shown to you.

Do not use swear words in the guild chat. I may overlook the occasional swear, Yet I will not tolerate constant cussing.

Do not bully or pick on other members of the guild or any other player in Mabi.

As long as you are helpful and polite, there is a good chance you will find items you need from other members for no charge (Or lower than market price since some items are very hard to come by). People begging for free stuff will not be tolerated.

We seek Mature players. This does not mean 18+, rather that you can approch any situation with a level head and hold respect for others.

This is not a guild for the impatient. The family may not be able to respond right away to a request, and sometimes cannot help at all. Spamming and begging excessivly will get you booted.

As a general rule many of our senior members don't PVP nor do they engage in elf vs. giant, or dark vs. light.  They also do not participate in guild wars or drama of that sort.  We encourage all of you to use your brains and hearts in this matter.

If you choose to participate in such activities we will not stop you, but we do demand that guild honor is upheld and if you win or lose a match, do not whine nor gloat as well.

While we will try to help with any quest or dungeons, it may not always be feasible to drop what we are doing to help you. Please keep in mind that not all quests can be completed as quickly as you may want them to be.

Dungeons or general tasks you need help with must be noted in game to the Guild Officer

There will be no tolerance for scammers and Drama Llama's will be dealt with efficiently.